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2011 in review…

Quite the year I had, huh? 2011 was a year of change for me. I know a lot of people are saying good riddance to this year but I have to tell you that overall it was one of the best years I have experienced, at least in my adult life. I know that I am a year older than I was on December 31, 2010 but I feel at least 10 years younger. I have changed so much in this past year. Physically my body has changed more this year than it has in a long time. (Probably since I was in the womb if I am being real.) I went from feeling like a 60 year old man with aches and pains all over his body, to feeling like a 21 year old kid ready to conquer the world! I have a new lease on life. I can honestly say that I plan on being around for MANY years to come. Believe it or not, that is something that I used to doubt. It is an amazing feeling, too. I want to be around. For my beautiful wife – who loved me when I was at my lowest and deserves to experience my highest with me! For my family – who have supported me and put up with years and years of my bullshit! For my unbelievably loyal friends – who are there for me whenever I need them! And for ME – because I have put myself through hell for so long, my body deserved a break from the abuse.

I have also changed mentally. All year I have been working hard and felt more motivated than I ever have as I inch closer to my first college degree. The feeling of accomplishment I get at the end of every semester is awesome. I am excited about the prospect of starting a new career doing something that I enjoy (hopefully I can make that happen in 2012) and I am excited about the fact that at least I still have a decent paying job. I am also happy that I got back to performing in front of people. I am and will always be an entertainer at heart. Look for announcements on Facebook of where you can catch me performing live with Priceless Entertainment in 2012.

In the coming year, me and Lisa hope to start a family of our own. We have accomplished many things together but this will hopefully be the biggest. I am not sure I have ever wanted something more in my entire life. I’d like to think that I will be a great father, but you never know till you try, right?

The Detroit Tigers took us for a wild ride this summer. I thoroughly enjoyed following them all the way to the American League Championship Series. How great was it to watch Justin Verlander’s MVP season? In 2011 Brady Hoke helped restore sanity to Ann Arbor by righting the Michigan football ship. 10-2 his first season with a team that was predicted by most to do no better than 7-5. And just when you thought everything was back to normal, Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions happened! 10-5 so far this season and our first playoff appearance in over a decade. As amazing as that feels, it is nothing compared to the bright future ahead of these guys and the football fans in metro Detroit. Thank you Martin Mayhew, Tom Lewand, and Jim Schwartz. We really needed this. We have suffered long enough.

The world lost many talented people in 2011. I personally lost a few of my favorite childhood entertainers. Rest in Peace to Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Nate Dogg, and Heavy D. Thanks for the memories. There were many more that passed, too many to name in fact, but they will all be missed.

Well I have gone on long enough, so I will leave you with this: Everyone have a SAFE and ENJOYABLE New Year’s Eve tonight, but if you are going out then party your asses off! After all, the Mayan’s predict this is our last chance to party for NYE! (If you believe that, I have a goose that shit’s out golden eggs for sale!) I would like to wish everyone the absolute best year they can possibly have in 2012! Here’s hoping 2012 will be the best year yet!